..from the Archives of King-Bee: Honey Vine No. 14

The Grateful Dead

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY


Presenting : The SHN-files of the Honey Vine # 14 ( TaW-branch-version )

Hi fellow Honey Viners,

this is Thomas Wulf, aka :):):) speaking.

I've been immersed in golden honey this weekend and I say: this is ssooo sweet! The boys are totally together and the tape sounds wonderful!! Great pick, Rob!!!

I cloned the tapes i received from Rob and copied them to my PC via a rme digi96 PCI card and a coax cable from my Tascam DA20 deck. There I centered the waves and edited and smoothened the track bounderies. Only minor corrections were applied; no crossfading, no hiss or noise reduction.


master reel->cassette->Dat->HD->CDR(shn)

Note: I have included a few moments of pure tape hiss on the SHN-CDs in the doc-folder and also on the 2nd DAT tape at abs time 1:40:00, so someone someday can try to use it to fight the cass gen.

Timings :

    CD 1 - total 70:48 -

  1. Bertha 5:54
  2. Me & My Uncle 3:07
  3. Sugaree 7:52
  4. Beat It On Down The Line 3:20
  5. Tennessee Jed 8:18
  6. Looks Like / Rain 7:20
  7. Brown Eyed Women 5:42
  8. Jack Straw 5:05
  9. Row Jimmy Row 9:56
  10. Weather Report -> 5:55
  11. Let It Grow 8:17

      CD 2 - total 60:44 -

    1. Roll Out The Barrel 0:33
    2. Eyes Of The World -> 15:24
    3. China Doll 5:59 (end of set 1)
    4. Greatest Story 4:51
    5. Ramble On Rose 6:42
    6. Big River 4:4
    7. Sing Your Blues Away 3:43
    8. China Cat-> 3:42
    9. I Know You Rider 10:16
    10. El Paso 4:50

        CD 3 - total 57:57 -

      1. He's Gone -> 14:14
      2. Truck/in -> 10:13
      3. Not Fade Away -> 8:53
      4. Goin' Down The Road -> 8:01
      5. Not Fade Away 3:30
      6. Stella Blue -> 8:10 (encores)
      7. One More Saturday Night 4:53

I have put a couple of useful little tools in the sys-folder of the CD:

If you have any questions feel free write to Thomas A. Wulf

Here we are: see the Tree Structure as of 12-19-99

I didn't have any label graphics for the Honey Vine when I made the CDs, so the pix-folder was almost empty. This will surely change with the help of you all. Until the www.section7.net file section is up and running I'll provide links to other folks' resources for the vine here as they come.

Here's what I made over XMas:

Nassau 9-8-73 - Front cover (158kB)

Bears & Bees - Back cover (326kB)

I used a picture by Volker Zaehme from the wonderful book "Ted Gallery 2000".

Naming convention: The SHN-files for the three CDs are named TA_nn_name, TB_nn_name and TC_nn_name.

Note: The files for the audio disc 2 are split over the two SHN-CDs. You'll have to combine them for the complete disc!

IMPORTANT: Here's the timing infomation you need for the track pauses:

CD 1 : set all track pauses from track 2 to 11 to 0 seconds!

CD 2 : set pause before track 4 to 4 seconds, all other tracks to 0 !

CD 3 : set pause before track 6 to 4 seconds, all other tracks to 0 !

Of course you'll have to burn DAO (disc-at-once mode)!



Known errors on the SHN CDs: